The Vancouver Sun

The Vinegar Lady’s fruit vinegars are made in B.C. and have distinctly defined fruity natures and… Read More »

The Georgia Strait

A platter of fresh oysters, a little grated horseradish, plus lemon, pepper, and shots of that… Read More »

The Vancouver Sun

An ambrosial cherry vinegar produced by The Vinegar Lady. Well worth the price… a divine bursting… Read More »

B.C. Restaurant News

… an alchemist’s melding of succulent fresh fruit and lip pursing zing.

Jurgen Gothe

Love the tangy fruit freshness of these vinegars – instant condiment for almost anything

Caren McSherry

These are just some of the most honest, intensely delicious homegrown products around.

The Vancouver Province

If your taste runs to something sophisticated, The Vinegar Lady’s fruit vinegars can help you cook… Read More »

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